14 Nude Beaches in California: Let the Sunrays Touch Your Skin

One of the best ways to bask in the Sunshine State’s radiant sun is to fully embrace its warmth by going bare. Though the CA costs are heavy on pockets but is surely going to bring you a fortune.

Are you ready to bid farewell to tan lines and embrace this liberating experience? Also, check out some of the gorgeous beach towns of California.

Nude Beaches in California

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However, I want you to know that in this blog, you’ll come across terms like “nude beach,” “nudist beach,” “topless beach,” and “clothing-optional beach,” which are used interchangeably but don’t necessarily have the same meaning.  

It entirely depends on your preference whether you choose to disrobe on nude beaches or not. 

However, on clothing-optional or topless beaches, you have the option to expose your upper body while keeping your lower half and genitalia covered.  

So, if you’re ready, let’s explore the nude, clothing-optional, and topless beaches in California.

How Naturism Can Result in Wellness?

“Naturist recreation in California” is a real thing and people do that to enjoy natural outdoor activities, feel natural, freely accept their body flaws, avoid tan lines, and love their skin even more.

If someone is enjoying a nude beach destination in their birthday suit, and you’re completely dressed it’s your etiquette to respect that, look aside, and not make them feel uncomfortable.

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Nude Beaches And California

The first time I heard native Californians talking about “free beaches” or “clothing-optional beaches,” I was confused by these terms. Later, I learned that they were referring to nude beaches in California. 

I became more curious about the legal issues surrounding nudity in public places. Concerning nude beaches in California, I realized that there isn’t a specific federal law explicitly prohibiting nudity, and it also isn’t an absolute protected right.

In practice, the enforcement of state and local nudity laws varies. In many cases, law enforcement officers may simply issue warnings or tell the nudist to dress or relocate to a less crowded area. So, yes, you can go nude on some of California beaches!

I always carry a proper identification card with me and always cooperate and comply with the instructions given by the law enforcement officer I ever encountered, so recommend you do the same.  

Nude beaches in California
Nude beaches in California

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Nude Beaches in California

1. Deep Creek Hot Springs 

Deep Creek Hot Springs is not an amusement park but an isolated canyon in the San Bernardino Mountains around Lake Arrowhead where you have to hike to reach.

Nudity is not legally enforced here, but of course, you’ll love the clothing-optional atmosphere and relaxing at the hot springs. 

However, let me warn you that fully clothed people might give you stares on the way, but once you reach the springs, you’re good to go. 

People come here to strip off their clothes! If you’re from Los Angeles, you should check out this place as it’s a hidden gem in Southern California

The area is stunning, and you can swim because the springs are quite big. You should come along with your friends, hang out, and have some great nude time!


  • Bring a reliable vehicle, as the roads to reach Bowen Ranch can be quite rough
  • Cross the river to find the five primary hot water sources, where the water temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius
  • Camping is not permitted near the hot springs, but you can camp overnight at designated camping spots in the park or within the San Bernardino National Forest (ensure you obtain permission first)
deep creek hot springs 
Deep Creek Hot Springs

2. Black Sand Beach, San Francisco

How about baring it all and enjoying the views of the open Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco peninsula, wiggling your toes in the black sand? 

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Black Sand Beach is one of the clothing-optional nude beaches in California, where you won’t find a large crowd, but rather a sense of peace and tranquility in the air. 

Naturist enthusiasts residing in Humboldt County love to come here, particularly to the west end, to enjoy the stunning trails, adventurous hikes, and the beach. 

During my visit, a local told me that it is one of the gay-friendly beaches of San Francisco. I agree with its romantic environment and gorgeous views.  


  • If you love surfing, Black Sand Beach is an ideal place. However, always check the tide chart
  • The beach has tiny pebbles, so make sure to have the right footwear when visiting
  • While coming, you can see the Golden Gate; I recommend stopping there and taking some beautiful pictures
Black Sand Beach, San Francisco, california
Black Sand Beach

3. San Gregorio Beach

If you want to experience the liberating feeling of clothing-optional or nude beaches in Northern California, welcome to the privately owned San Gregorio Beach.

You’ll enjoy the privacy that the beach offers. There are numerous forts built with driftwood, where you can climb to enjoy the natural scenery and the sun on your bare skin.

Naturist enthusiasts, you’ll be glad to see people in their birthday suits wandering, chatting with friends, and soaking up the sun at the entrance of the beach. 

If you walk further north, you’ll find a gay population enjoying their nude time there.

The general rule is that the South is for straight individuals, while the North is for gay individuals.


  • You must pay a small fee in the parking area before accessing the beach. Take La Honda Road to reach here
  • To access the beach, you’ll need to navigate knee-burning steps and uneven sandy terrain
  • San Gregorio Beach is a popular fishing spot, so you may encounter fully clothed people along the shore
San Gregorio Beach
San Gregorio Beach

4. Boneyard Beach, Encinitas

Beneath a steep, rising cliff in Encinitas, you’ll find the unofficial clothing-optional nude sunbathing beach in Southern California that isn’t as popular as Black’s Beach.

The cliffs surrounding Boneyard Beach provide the seclusion to shed your clothes and bask in the sun. From Swami’s Beach to D Street, you’ll discover your semi-nude paradise.

During low tide, the beach is spacious, but during high tide, the water may reach the bluffs, so please check the tide reports before visiting. 

If you’re coming with your family, I recommend staying at D-Street Beach as it has lifeguards, allowing you to enjoy swimming.


  • You should be in good shape as you’ll need to hike uneven surfaces to reach here.
  • If you see police approaching, it’s advisable to put your clothes back on, as Boneyard Beach is not a legal nude beach in California

5. Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach

One of the most secluded and best Southern California beaches with clothing-optional areas is Pirate’s Cove, between Avila Beach and Shell Beach. 

The path to this hidden gem is not easy; you’ve to take a wooden step to navigate and reach the sand. Reaching to this California’s premier nude spot can be challenging.

Out of ten, seven people opt to stay at the lovely spot at the beginning of the beach with caves and relax under the sun.

You’ll find the spot between the natural arch and the sea cave. Nature enthusiast or avid hikers staying at San Luis Obispo loves this place as it’s close to them.

Pirate’s Cove is also called as Mallagh Landing. I’m sure you’ll love its crystal water and rugged rocky coastline and the vibe.

Tip: You should go snorkeling and see the marine life in the cove

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach
Pirate’s Cove

7. More Mesa Beach, Santa Barbara

More Mesa Beach, located in Santa Barbara, is a favorite among UCSB and college students who love to surf and enjoy a nude sunbathing spot. 

It’s situated between the UCSB campus and Hope Beach. You’ll also find some students partying here, so if you’re looking for party beaches in California, this spot can be great! 

Remember not to visit during high tide, as the sand can be completely covered by water. During low tide, you will enjoy the view of the Pacific and its roaring sound.

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In addition to that, you’ll encounter many rafters, hikers, and sunbathers here, all enjoying the sun.  

Tip: As you approach, you’ll encounter a gate marked as private property. Try to avoid reaching that gate; instead, take the left path from the pedestrian area at the end of Mockingbird Lane, leading you to the eucalyptus grove and the nudist-friendly area.

More Mesa Beach, Santa Barbara
More Mesa Beach

8. Hole in The Wall Beach, Santa Cruz

A fantastic naturist-friendly coastal area for relaxation in Northern California has to be Hole in the Wall Beach, only reachable via a unique little rock arch. 

The sandy oasis is located south along Panther Beach and is accessible during low and medium tide. 

I attempted to visit during high tide once, which turned out to be a dangerous decision, so I strongly advise against going during that time. 

However, please do not attempt swimming here, as the coastal conditions are not ideal for it. The cold water and rip currents pose significant dangers.  

Photographers love coming here to capture the holes in the rock, the large sandstone cliffs, and the beauty of Northern California’s coastline, which is truly stunning!  


  • Park your car at Panther Beach
  • The trail leading down to the beach is prone to erosion, so exercise extreme caution and wear shoes with good grip.

9. Gray Whale Cove State Beach, Half Moon Bay

The name may sound unfamiliar; however, this beach is none other than Devil’s Slide Beach. The beach is famous for whale watching, which is how it got its name. 

Indeed, this is one of the best nude sunbathing spots away from crowds in Central California; where you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean alongside have picnic.

You know the best part is you can bring your dog. As the beach is protected from high winds, locals love spending the afternoon getting tan. 


  • Landslides of large cliffs are dangerous, so always keep your eyes open. Because of this very reason, Gray Whale Cove State Beach is called “Devil’s Slide”
  • Surfers, please stay away from the water as the rip currents and huge rocks can be dangerous. Additionally, swimmers, you might also encounter white big sharks floating and swimming beside you
Gray Whale Cove State Beach, Half Moon Bay
Gray Whale Cove State Beach

10. Red Rock Beach, Mount Tamalpais State Park

Naturists searching for recreation activities in California, you can get your athletic sportsmanship and have fun at Red Rock Beach jogging by the beach, playing volleyball, or relaxing and soaking in all the Vitamin D.

Naturist loves this clothing-optional beach in the Bay Area which they also call Mickey’s Beach. The clean water and large red cliffs around is so Californian thing!

You’ve to hike through the windy dirty trail to reach the designated nude beach area. I recommend coming to Steep Ravine Beach during low tide days to enjoy the hot spring. 


  • There are higher chances of you getting a citation if you open your top before the signage stating clothing optional beach
  • The riptides are dangerous and upon that, there are no lifeguards so if you’re not a strong swimmer, please avoid getting in the water

11. Land’s End Beach, San Francisco

Before getting to the beach you’ll encounter slopes with cypress trees and wildflowers blooming with a glimpse of ancient shipwrecks by the side. 

It is tucked into a cove off Geary Boulevard which you can reach through Sutro Heights Park. Also, the view of Land’s End from here is amazingly beautiful.

For peaceful coastal nudity, and fun in North California, Land’s End Beach is a perfect spot. However, rangers patrol the trails, so be cautious.

Tip: It’ll be hassle-free if you park your car at the El Camino del Mar and hike the rocky sandy stretch to reach the beach. Remember, the hike can be challenging for many people who do not hike regularly

Land’s End Beach, San Francisco
Land’s End Beach

12. North Baker Beach

Baker Beach is one of California’s renowned coastal freedom beaches, where visitors shed their clothing to bask in the sun and take in the breathtaking sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. 

At the beach, you’ll encounter drummers, Frisbee enthusiasts, and free-spirited individuals who embrace their imperfections while enjoying a day by the beach in the nude.

The area close to the bridge which is termed as the northern section of the beach is the clothing-optional nude beach area, so do not go to the southern end and disrobe your clothes.

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Tip: Swimming in North Baker Beach is dangerous because of its intense rip currents and high tides

North Baker Beach
North Baker Beach, Picture – BayArea.Moms

13. Crater Beach

One of the best secluded nude beaches along the California coast, offering soft sands and panoramic views of natural dunes, is undoubtedly Crater Beach. 

I guarantee that your child will delight in the gentle slopes, using them as a natural slide for play. Meanwhile, you can relish the expansive, remote shoreline and the Pacific waves.  

Due to its massive dunes, Crater Beach is also fondly referred to as “Sand City.” I also recommend putting your clothes back on and heading for a hike along the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail afterward.

14. Marshall’s Beach

Nestled along the coastline of the Presidio, just north of Baker Beach, you’ll find Marshall’s Beach—a truly iconic spot to behold the Golden Gate Bridge set against the stunning backdrop of the Marin Headlands.

You’ve to hike steep wooden stairs to go all the down to the beach and enjoy the privacy the beach offers by concealing rocks all around.

You can spend some nude time here in private. I prefer coming here on a sunny afternoon with my friends when the beach is pretty empty to enjoy the sun and water.

Tip: Though the beach is secluded but not as family-friendly as it is popular among gay men

Marshall’s Beach, Nude Beaches in California
Marshall’s Beach

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions

  • Not all men are creepy at the bare beaches in California. Not everyone is batting eyes at each other instead there are carefree men and women of all ages feeling good in their skin and carrying it respectfully
  • California nude beaches welcome people of all ages and not only old people. You’ll find college students, free-spirited yoga people, gym people, family people, meditation enthusiasts and so more coming here to connect with Mother Earth is very liberating
  • California is gifted with many nude-friendly coastal areas where no one judge or comment on your thighs or belly being chubby or your body not being in perfect shape. People come here with acceptance rather than body shaming you
  • Most of the nude beaches in California are clothing optional which is also called semi-clothed beaches. If you’re coming to a nude beach and don’t feel like stripping off, you’re good to go. No one is forcing you, it’s completely your wish to go topless or not
  • American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) has dedicated itself to promoting nudity and nude recreation by fostering awareness among the people and society. They adhere to promote proper CA nude beach etiquette, which revolves around the fundamental principle of “respect for oneself, consideration for others, and care for the environment”
  • Your family and friends won’t think you’re weird for coming to topless beaches in California. If they love you they won’t be curious about your safety and not be judgemental

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FAQ: Nude Beaches in California

1. Can I visit a nude beach if I’m not a naturist or nudist?

A. Yes, you can visit nude beaches if you’re not a nudist. Moreover, most of the beaches in California are “clothing optional” and “unofficial” which means it depends on your wish to disrobe.

2. What should I bring to a nude beach?

A. Get all the kinds of stuff you would normally carry with you to a beach except cameras. I always recommend carrying sunscreen and bug repellent. Additionally, you should carry an entertainment card, a good book, a ball, and a like-minded companion.

3. Is photography allowed on nude beaches?

A. There is no hard-followed rule but it is ideally recommended not to carry cameras or click pictures as this can affect other’s privacy. Additionally, I would love to add that you can carry cameras and click pictures of yourself or your friends but not of other people.

4. What’s the difference between a nude beach and a clothing-optional beach?

A. Nude beach means complete nudity whereas clothing optional means you can open your clothes at your discretion. Upon everything, it’s important to feel comfortable in your skin before visiting any of such beaches. Remember, it’s human nature to be curious about other’s bodies, hence, if you’re comfortable in your skin you won’t feel the discomfit of disrobing.

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