About Cheap Travel Trail

Hello! I am Trijit Mallick, a Software Engineer by profession and a Travel Blogger at heart.

In addition to my blogging endeavors, I am also passionate about photography and roadtripping.

The inspiration to write and motivate individuals like myself, encouraging them to find time within their hectic 9-5 schedules and embark on low-budget adventures around the world, is what drove me to launch CheapTravelTrail. This blog goes beyond just travel; it serves as a reminder to pack your bags and embark on a journey to uncover and experience every corner of the world without emptying your wallet.

What Interests Me?

Collaborations and Sponsorships 

I love collaborating with travel companies, airlines, luxury properties, adventure companies, Tourism Board, and a PR Agency. If you have any upcoming trips aiming to promote a particular destination or a property I would be happy to do so.

Travel Brands and Travel/Trekking Companies 

If you are a Travel/Trekking company or brand that wants to work with me you can also reach out to me by email. I am just an email away, so write to me at [email protected]/ [email protected]

Money won’t be a Barrier Anymore
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