19 Things To Know Before Moving to Englewood, Florida & Tips

Upon arriving in Englewood, Florida, situated along the coast of Lemon Bay off the Gulf of Mexico, my initial reaction was simply to exclaim “wow,” while I wiped the sweat from my face. 

The coastal scenery surrounding me was breathtakingly beautiful, but the weather was undeniably hot; I would estimate it to be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mostly the weather is sunny but December month is very comforting.

Moving to Englewood

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As it sits on the South-West side of Florida it has four stunning beaches – Blind Pass Beach, Manasota Key Beach, Stump Pass Beach, and Englewood Beach. However, due to its coastal location, it is also prone to tropical storms, which typically occur from June through October.

I was here for two months at my friend Ronny’s house. For those of you searching for an offbeat location to propose to your girlfriends, I highly recommend Englewood, Florida. It’s the perfect place to pop the question! The blog is from my eye which I had and experienced. Here you’ll get information on both beauty and challenges!

Things to Know Before Moving to Englewood

1. Cost of living in Englewood

If your annual income is a minimum of $41,200 or if your family of four has an annual income of around $74,520, then you might consider moving to Englewood, Florida. 

However, your expenses will vary depending on factors such as where you choose to live, your lifestyle, and your dietary habits. On average, you’ll need to earn at least this minimum amount to comfortably reside here. 

In Englewood, you’ll find the average rent for a two-bedroom home ranging from $1,290 to $2,085 per month. If you’re considering purchasing property, the average home price is around $278,900, with residents typically paying property taxes of approximately $1,250. 

As assessed by C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), Englewood’s cost of living is 6% higher than the national average of 100, making it somewhat more expensive to live here. In comparison with Sarasota, expenses for food, housing, and miscellaneous items are generally lower. For more detailed information, you can check out bestplace.net.

2. Transportation in Englewood

Located just 12 miles south of Venice, Englewood is easily accessible by road via State Road 776. Being a suburb of Sarasota, it takes approximately 47 minutes to reach Sarasota by car, and there’s also a convenient bus service available through the Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT). 

I’ve heard great things about SCAT’s affordability and accessibility, with stops conveniently located, including at the beach, making it a popular choice for many residents and visitors alike. 

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For travelers coming from farther away, Englewood is conveniently situated near three airports: Punta Gorda Airport, located 22.5 miles from the center of Englewood; Sarasota International Airport, situated 32.4 miles south of Sarasota; and Southwest Florida International Airport, approximately 47.3 miles from the center of Englewood. 

3. Job market in Englewood

In Englewood, job opportunities for new residents primarily stem from retail trading, construction, health care, and social assistance sectors. According to data from DataUSA, the employment rate saw a notable increase of 6.83% from 2020 to 2021. 

Additionally, the unemployment rate stands at 4.5%, which is lower than the national average of 6.0%. These statistics reflect a promising employment landscape in Englewood, offering various avenues for newcomers to explore and secure employment opportunities. 

You’ll also find a good amount of retirees, as Englewood received the award of the “best affordable place to retire” working in the medical fields and Walmart. Residents working in finance sectors earn on average a minimum of $61,106 annually. Also, be sure to check out my latest blog on affordable places to retire in Florida because saving money is so important.

4. Healthcare facilities in Englewood

Englewood has 11 healthcare facility centers, out of which Englewood Community Hospital is rated as number one in medical and surgical facilities. You can also bring your pregnant wife here to celebrate her babymoon, as the doctor’s facilities are quite upgraded and excellent!

5. Grocery shopping in Englewood

Starting from Publix, and Walmart to Aldi, you’ll find everything here. You also find Sweetbay supermarket here.    

6. School in Englewood

Parents often send their children to The Sarasota School System which is considered as one of the top class. The common names are Englewood Elementary School, Lemon Bay High School, Vineland Elementary School, and Venice High School. As per data from Neighborhood Scout, 30.19% of adults have a bachelor’s degree.

7. Neighbourhood of Englewood

Englewood Garden North, Grove City, Englewood Southeast, and Englewood Village East are the most expensive areas whereas Osprey and North Port are relatively affordable places.

8. Crime rate in Englewood

You’re considering a location that is 57% safer than other neighborhoods in the US. In a year, it has only recorded 169 crimes in total, indicating a notably low crime rate. Specifically, its violent crime rate stands at 25.3, significantly lower than the national average of 100. This makes the area exceptionally safe in terms of safety standards. So, anyone looking for a liberal and safe place to live in Florida, my friend you know where to find it!

Beautiful Florida
Beautiful Florida

My Favourite: Fun Things To Do In Englewood, Florida

1. Hike through unique scrub, and coastal pine flatwoods at Amberjack Environmental Park

  • Address: 6250 Gasparilla Pines Blvd, Englewood, FL 33946, USA
  • Fees: free
  • Hiking trail distance: 1.1 mile

Back in 2021, when I was at Ronny’s place, he took me to a spot near his house one late afternoon, promising to show me some birds I had never seen before. 

And let me tell you, he wasn’t kidding! That day at Amberjack Environmental Park, I laid eyes on some truly rare feathered friends. 

Plus, strolling beneath those majestic pine trees was incredibly soothing! Now, there were plenty of hiking routes to choose from, but we opted for the trail near the kiosk.

It led us to a five-way trail intersection, where we were surrounded by magnificent oaks and palmettos.

But the real gem of the hike was when we stumbled upon a boardwalk. Trust me, it was like stepping into a postcard! 

This particular spot, known as Amberjack Slough on Google Maps, opened up to a mesmerizing waterway fringed with mangroves. 

And let me tell you about the wildlife spectacle we witnessed! We spent the entire evening marveling at blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Great Horned Owls, Yellow-throated Warblers, a bald eagle, osprey, and swamp sparrows. 

Oh, and on the water, we caught sight of an anhinga taking a graceful dive. It was truly a nature lover’s paradise and a must-visit hiking spot near Englewood.

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Tip: Download the offline map for sure!

Amberjack Environmental Park
Amberjack Environmental Park

2. Let your dog enjoy hiking at Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park, oh you can bring your family too!

  • Address: 6791 San Casa Dr, Englewood, FL 34224, USA
  • Fees: free
  • Hiking trail distance: 2 miles

Pet parents are thrilled to bring their furry friends to Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park, a fantastic pet-friendly hiking spot in Englewood where dogs can roam and revel in nature. 

Not only does this park offer picturesque trails, but it also shares its pathways with Oyster Creek Regional Park and Cedar Point Environmental Park.

 Although I haven’t had the chance to visit this marine park myself, I’ve seen countless photos and heard captivating stories from Ronny. 

According to him, back in his school days, he and his buddies would frequent this park to shoot hoops, play tennis, and volley it up on the volleyball courts. 

And let’s not forget about the charming community garden where their mothers would gather, enjoying some quality time of their own. But wait, there’s more! 

Ronny raves about the park’s fitness center, skate park, and recreational space. It sounds like an all-in-one park and recreation haven right in the heart of Englewood, brimming with cherished memories for him.

3. Stroll, meet people, and purchase things from Englewood Farmers Market

  • Location: On Dearborn Street at Pioneer Plaza
  • Time: Running from October 5th to May 30th every year on Thursdays,

Who wouldn’t love the idea of shopping for local organic vegetables, fresh seafood, or delicious baked goods while being serenaded by live music in the background? Welcome to one of my favorite Englewood attractions, the Englewood Farmers Market! 

This market offers you the chance to shop for all things local, from juicy fruits to artisanal wines, directly from fishermen and farmers. 

The market provides proper walkways for a pleasant shopping experience. It’s not just a market; it’s a vibrant community gathering where you can truly taste the essence of Englewood!

Tip: I cannot get over the taste of wine at Catania’s Winery. You should come here once.

Englewood Farmers Market
Englewood Farmers Market

4. Day trip to Naples

Welcome to Naples, a destination beloved by both romantic couples seeking a journey back in time and culinary enthusiasts eager to explore a myriad of seafood and pizza delights! 

Start your day off right at my favorite breakfast spot, Gran Caffe Gambrinus, where you can indulge in delectable morning treats while immersing yourself in the charming atmosphere. After fueling up, make your way to The Royal Palace of Naples to delve into its fascinating history and grandeur.

Enjoy a shopping spree at Via Toledo, Naples’ bustling shopping street, where you can browse to your heart’s content while admiring the magnificent architecture that surrounds you. If you’re looking for free activities to fill your day in Naples, I highly recommend visiting The Galleria Umberto, a stunning shopping gallery.

You know, I think the best way to plan your day in Naples is to forward you a blog outlining a perfect itinerary. That will be perfect!

Naples Botanical Garden
Naples Botanical Garden

5. Coffee time and some more cool hang-out places at Dearborn Street

Englewood is the hidden gem of southwest Florida, and as residents, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to keep our weekdays filled with fun and smiles. Who says the good times are reserved only for weekends? 

Dearborn Street is the ultimate happy place for teenagers, parents, and folks of every age group. Here, you can come for a cup of coffee, indulge in fancy cuisine, explore art shows, peruse the farmer’s market, shop at boutique stores, admire galleries, catch car shows, or simply unwind while enjoying live entertainment. 

One memorable Tuesday afternoon, Ronny surprised us with a family lunch party at Englewood on Dearborn Restaurant Bar, where we savored some truly amazing food. But here’s the insider tip: if you happen to visit on the first Saturday of every month, you’re in for a treat with a fantastic car show! 

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Another day, we treated ourselves to a comedy movie at the Lemon Bay Playhouse, followed by plenty of coffee and gossip sessions at various cafes around town.

Dearborn Street
Dearborn Street

6. Come to Don Pedro Island Park

  • Location: It sits between Little Gasparilla Island and Knight Island
  • Address: 8450 Placida Rd, Cape Haze FL 33946
  • Fees: $3 per car or bike

Imagine a place that feels like your own private island, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the main road. To reach this hidden gem, you’ll need to either hire a boat or paddle craft, adding to its sense of exclusivity.

Here, on this isolated island, you’re treated to the pure beauty of Florida’s beachfront. Bringing your little sister along would be an absolute delight, as she’ll adore going on adventures like hunting for shark teeth and collecting shells along the shore.

This park is renowned for its paddleboarding opportunities, which I had the pleasure of experiencing myself. While gliding along the water, I spotted an array of fascinating marine life, from sea stars and manatees to dolphins, shrimps, crabs, and stingrays. It truly is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike!

Don Pedro Island Park
Don Pedro Island Park

Fun Activities To Do In Englewood, Florida

1. Fishing in Englewood

Englewood is renowned as a hotspot for fishermen, offering the unique opportunity to enjoy both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It had always been my dream to cast my line into the Gulf of Mexico, so I booked a charter to reel in the big catch! 

I targeted Amberjack and Snapper, and let me tell you, what a fight it was! Battling those fish was an exhilarating experience. While there are numerous charters to choose from, I decided to go with PureFlorida Charters, and I must say, it was a fantastic decision. Their knowledgeable crew ensured that I had an unforgettable time out on the water.

fishing in englewood, moving to englewood
Fishing in Englewood

2. Take a bicycle and ride on the Manasota Beach Road Bridge

Just imagine yourself riding along the Gulf, taking in the breathtaking beauty around you and inhaling the fresh salty air. How does it make you feel? 

During my visit in October, I felt truly blessed to witness nature in all its glory, with perfect weather allowing me to spot sea turtles and schools of dolphins playing in the water. 

Many visitors opt for a paddling experience around Jim Neville Marine Preserve, which is another fantastic activity to try. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to do it myself, but it’s definitely on my list for next time!

bicycle ride on the Manasota Beach Road
Bicycle ride on the Manasota Beach Road

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FAQ: Moving to Englewood, Florida

1. What are the top-rated schools in Englewood?

A. Englewood Elementary School is among the top schools in town, with alumni students achieving excellent placements and admissions to renowned colleges. Lemon Bay High School also holds an impressive ranking, standing at 256th out of 792 in terms of quality and student achievements. These two schools are considered among the best in Englewood.

2. What are the safety ratings like in Englewood?

A. Residents in Englewood, Florida enjoy an A-grade lifestyle with very few safety concerns. The Leapfrog Group has awarded them consecutive A ratings in terms of “Hospital Safety Grade” for several years. This group evaluates and rates cities based on safety, transparency, and quality of living across the USA.

3. Which are the best neighborhoods in Englewood for families?

A. Olde Englewood is the best spot for families as the place is packed with beachfront views and values a child needs to grow up as the place is home to families and elderly people.

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