9 Tried & Tasted Belgian Chocolate Brands: Tourist’s Outlook

Walking through the streets of Belgium, you’ll find yourself lured by the enticing displays of chocolates in every shape and color imaginable in many shops and boutiques. The air is thick with the heavenly scent of chocolate, making it nearly impossible to resist.

Now, about that blog, it’s a guide to Belgian chocolate brands…sounds like a must-read for any chocolate-loving tourist! With my firsthand experience and insider tips, you’ll be swooning over Belgium’s finest chocolate brands in no time.

Belgian Chocolate Brands

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So, read more and keep those chocolate adventures coming!

Characteristics of the Best Belgian Chocolate

My mother always says that, no matter how modern techniques and equipment you use, traditional methods are gold! The skilled chocolate artisans of Belgium first roast the cocoa beans and then grind them into a paste as smooth as a smoothie. 

They then add real cream and secret ingredients to create a ganache, which is conched and left to cool. Did you know that the smoothness of the paste reaches just 15 to 18 microns? It’s incredible! 

And with the highest cocoa content, without vegetable fats, 100% cocoa butter, nuts, fruits, fresh cream, and spices, it’s no wonder why these chocolates are beloved by sweet tooth lovers everywhere!

They have not just honed their skills with quality but also introduced chocolate workshops, chocolate museums, walks to tastings, and much more! Through these rooms, you not only taste but also learn and sometimes make your own chocolates. 

Since 2007, the chocolates have become so famous that terms like “made with Belgian chocolate”, “Belgian style,” and “Belgian recipe” have led to the introduction of the “Belgian Chocolate Code“.

Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Chocolate

Criteria for Evaluating Belgian Chocolate From Swiss Chocolate

  • Cocoa content and origin

The usages of Belgian cocoa powder and cocoa liquor are much higher compared to Swiss chocolates, making it more chocolaty flavor. Additionally, the whole milk used by the Belgium makers makes it fattier.

  • Taste and aroma

Once you bite the Belgian chocolate you feel the cocoa flavor lingering throughout your mouth to food pipe but as you bite Swiss chocolate it feels creamy sweet and mild cocoa taste. If you’re the one loving strong dark flavors, Belgian chocolate will be your favorite

  • Uniqueness

You can find chocolate truffles and praline with some exotic fillings in Belgian as they are the inventor. Swiss chocolates are famous for their milk bars and made a name in developing smooth milky bars in which they become professionals.

Know The Types of Belgian Chocolates Before You Buy

  • Dark Chocolate: It is bitter and has a higher percentage of cocoa than milk
  • Milk Chocolate: Creamy chocolate with a lot of milk cocoa butter and sugar
  • White chocolate: Absence of cocoa solids with a mellow flavor and creamy texture

Among the top Belgian chocolates are the exquisite offerings of Pralines, truffles, and Gianduja, each with its distinctive charm. 

Belgian pralines hold a special place in my heart as they boast a variety of fillings like fruit creams, buttercreams, nut paste, almonds, and an assortment of fruits. Their rich diversity of flavors makes them an all-time favorite of mine. 

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Truffles, on the other hand, hold a special spot in my mother’s heart. She savors their solid cocoa butter shell, relishing the slow release of flavor as it melts in her mouth. It’s a pure delight for her senses. 

Gianduja stands out as something uniquely different yet akin to Pralines. Its delightful blend of hazelnuts and almonds creates a flavor profile that’s both familiar and exciting.

Top Belgian Chocolate Brands

The top Belgian chocolate factories like Belcolade are not only masters in the field but small chocolatiers like Godiva who bring exotic flavors also bring fame to the world market. Let’s know!

1. Laurent Gerbaud

  • Location: Rue Ravenstein 2D, next door to the Mont Des Arts
  • Workshop fee: € 35 for adults and €15 for children. The workshop convenes each Saturday from 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
  • Award: Brussels’ Chocolatier of the Year 2021 by Gault&Millau
  • Must try: dried apricot chocolates, hazelnut praline on pancakes or croissants

My sister told me that if you want to bring affordable Belgian chocolate bars from Brussels back home, you should go to Laurent Gerbaud because they sell chocolates by weight. The new chocolates are 6- 10 grams whereas old ones are 20- 25 grams.

Hence, for under 10 euros, you can bring back a handful of chocolates. When I ordered a hot chocolate, it came with one bonbon, and I was truly in awe of its taste. I discovered that they do not use sugar, and the flavors felt unusually delightful. 

So, I decided to join their beginners workshop. Yes, I made my chocolates with unique flavors like Madagascan pepper, Calabrian Bergamot, Izmir fig, green cumin from Morocco, rare Nacional beans from Ecuador, sweet chili, and Shanghai orange. 

I bought 2 kgs and received a 10% discount on the whole purchase! The class as a whole was so much fun! Their vegan options are also amazing, including vegan hazelnut pralines, chocolate-candied fruit peel, and coconut ganache. 

So, for those out there who are health-conscious and want to taste the best Belgian chocolate either dark or white with no preservatives, alcohol, or butter, come here!

laurent gerbaud chocolate workshop
Laurent Gerbaud’s Chocolate Workshop, Picture- Facebook

2. Benoit Nihant Chocolatier

  • Location: Chau. de Waterloo 506, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
  • Must try: Barocoa, Cassis, and Lavanda

You must be fortunate to get tickets for the tasting sessions held in Brussels, the Salon Du Chocolat. I bought two bars on the spot; it was that amazing! Nihant Chocolatier is an exclusive group whose artisanal recipes are its major draw. 

I’ve never seen such cleanly designed rectangular pieces. Once you open them, they smell heavenly. They source cocoa beans from plantations worldwide. The bar I got used Trinitario cacao beans. 

Once you taste it, you experience the red fruit aroma that is so characteristic of the Madagascan region. However, their bonbons are something a chocolate lover would die for. But, when I went to their shop and spoke English, I felt a sort of differentiation. Once my native friend started speaking in French, I noticed the employees “happy faces” and the quality of service improved.


  • If you’re in Liège, come to Le Bar à Cacao for a fancy hot chocolate date with your partner. I can guarantee you’ll taste and smell luxury! 
  • Online shoppers, grab the premium bar with 73% Honduras Mayan Red dark chocolate or the 50% Madagascar milk chocolate with fleur de sel.
benoit nihant chocolatier, belgium chocolate brands
Benoit Nihant Chocolatier’s chocolate

3. Coup de Chocolat

Location: Mellaertsstraat 6, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

When I heard the most fascinating love story of Isabelle Quirynen and Tom Geens and their motive to create eco-sustainable chocolates, I knew I needed to be there. Isabelle traveled to numerous plantation centers to perfect her craft, which you can now taste at Coup de Chocolat. 

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While at the store, I found myself in a dilemma in choosing which one to get. Eventually, I opted for the most colorful packet with artwork designs – the Gusta bar, sourced from Peruvian cocoa in Northwest Peru. 

The line “Hardheaded chocolate for unhardened palates, fair and sustainable” caught my attention. They have a small factory in Antwerp where a few artisan creators work tirelessly to craft chocolates that really can steal your heart and bring a huge revolution to Belgium chocolate flavors.

Coup de Chocolat's pacakaging
Coup de Chocolat’s packaging

4. Lady Godiva

  • Location: Grand Place – Grote Markt 21-22 1000 Brussels Belgium.
  • Must try: Mousse-filled truffles, ganaches, noisettes, and caramel flavor pralines

Lady Godiva is indeed a premium Belgian chocolate brand that has cemented its name in the market since 1926, thanks to its exceptional quality and wide variety. When you hold the packet, I guarantee you can instantly feel the luxury due to its sophisticated packaging. 

The name has an English history behind it, which was first started in Brussels Grand Place but now has a presence in 80 countries. I had their chocolate pralines, Oh my god, it’s truly a treat for the senses! I also had Godiva’s Belgium dark chocolate with fresh cream and fruit purees.

My friend Ronny got Godiva’s liqueur-filled truffles for his uncle which has champagne, whisky, and rum and he was telling me that that it gives him the real kick! And, yes, these are gluten-free too. 

Tip: If you’re looking for chocolate gift boxes to gift to a chocoholic cravers, don’t miss out on Lady Godiva’s precious milk and dark chocolate pralines 

Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva

5. Neuhaus

Location: Neuhaus Vlezenbeek. Postweg 2. 1602 Sint-Pieters-Leeuwenhoek

A Swiss immigrant to Belgium, Jean Neuhaus, the magician of 1912, invented the first modern-day chocolate-filled truffles, which skyrocketed Belgian chocolate’s popularity tenfold! 

The ‘couverteur’ and pralines, with their cold shell and filled flavors of hazelnuts, fruits, cream, or nougats, have made it stand out as one of the best chocolates in Brussels, a hidden gem that many travelers overlook! 

Neuhaus chocolates became famous among royal families, and they quickly penetrated the international market. They also have shops outside Brussels, in Japan, Canada, the United States, and Colombia. 

By 1912, their elegant method of wrapping chocolates in a ballotin box had established them as a luxury Belgian brand in the chocolate world. I stopped by for a morning coffee with their famous pralines and discovered that they are made in-house using the finest cocoa beans, and their recipe is truly a secret worth unraveling!

Neuhaus's chocolate
Neuhaus’s chocolate

6. Côte d’Or

  • Location: Schaerbeek, Belgium
  • Must try: LaitIntense Mignonnettes, Les Bouchees, 70% cacao with caramelized cocoa nibs

Côte d’Or, the oldest Belgian chocolate brand dating back to 1833, proudly boasts the Elephant as its logo and is renowned for crafting the finest Eclairs, Noir Brut, biscuit bars, and Codorette, a milk chocolate bar. 

Since its inception, Charles Neuhaus imported cocoa beans from the Gold Coast, now known as Ghana. What sets Côte d’Or apart as a success story, both nationally and internationally, is its commitment to authenticity and cutting-edge craftsmanship. 

The delectable combination of cashews, almonds, and caramelized pistachios nestled within the rich dark or milk chocolate creates an unrivaled flavor experience. Plus, for those mindful of their diet, Côte d’Or has you covered with its range of sugar-free options.

Côte d’Or
Côte d’Or

7. Mike & Becky Chocolate

  • Location: Avenue Brugmann, Rue Vanderkindere 243, 1180 Uccle, Belgium
  • Workshop fee: 12€ per person for 45 min sessions featuring wine, tea, and coffee
  • Must try: hot chocolate, and brownies

I can tell you that if you want to taste true Brussels hot chocolate, Mile & Becky’s little Chocolate café just south of the city is the place to go. Are you aware of the “bean-to-bar movement“? It’s them who started the first “bean-to-bar movement” workshop in Brussels. Rony told me that the first time he tried their chocolate bar was when he ordered online from “Bean2Bar2You”. 

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They import cocoa and other ingredients from Peru and the Philippines. The best part about their chocolate-making process is that they use beetroot sugar and 100% green-powered production, soy-free, dairy-free, making the whole process very sustainable and also making the products very affordable for people to purchase.

Mike & Becky Chocolate
Mike & Becky Chocolate

8. Veliche Gourmet

  • Location: Drève Gustave Fache 13, Mouscron, Belgium 7700
  • Must try: bake stable bittersweet dark chocolate couverture

Veliche Gourmet Belgium Chocolate offers premium Belgian chocolate at affordable rates. Their artistic designs and creamy white chocolate have elevated their name in the market, and now their fame is reaching new heights!

They import cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and then craft it with chocolate expertise. If you try their dark chocolate, you can taste the unique caramel flavor, sometimes with hints of red fruits and early flavors too.

Veliche Gourmet
Veliche Gourmet

9. Pierre Marcolini

  • Location: Rue des Minimes 1, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Must try: caramelized chestnuts, hunters types of macrons

When I was staying in Grand Place, I went on a date that I wanted to keep secret from my father, because here I was served with adult chocolate bars. Just kidding, it was that fun! Their collection of bonbons and chocolate bars are amazingly must-try ones! Their creativity and craftsmanship add to its character!

They use toppings like pink peppercorns, pistachios, lemons, cinnamon, and all types of varieties. Here, you will surely get chocolate treats like no other. I also had their hot chocolate which is so good as they use coffee, Belgian sauce, and waffles!!

Pierre Marcolini
Pierre Marcolini

Belgium Chocolate Gift Boxes For Your Family & Friends

When you’re here in Belgium traveling, eating attending chocolate walking tours did you know your friends and family back home in your motherland are hoping for you to bring Belgian souvenirs that they can have or cherish for life?

So, the best Belgium souvenir to gift I can suggest is a personalized box of Belgian chocolates. You can surely try the above places which I personaly visited and heard things from Ronny, but I want you to visit a few more places that I failed to visit during my trip.

  • Leonidas Chocolates, which are affordable yet feels like you are biting luxury. It would help if you tried their milk chocolate pralines
  • Salted caramel from Wittamer
  • White raspberry chocolate from Gallery

Consumer Tips for Finding the Best Belgian Chocolate

  • Chocolates at Bruges are a little higher as this is a touristy spot. However, places like Dumon and The Chocolate Line are much more affordable
  • On average 100 grams of chocolate or 5-6 pieces cost €5 – €7
  • Check supermarket shelves for some Raw Belgium chocolates at affordable rates
cocoa belgian chocolate
Cocoa Belgian Chocolate


So, you have come to the end of the blog, and my suggestion is that you try out Pralines, tasting the slow melt of Truffles, or sophisticated Gianduja, these Belgium chocolate brands are sure to offer you the unparallel experience for your taste buds.

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FAQs: Belgian Chocolate Brands

1. What makes Belgian chocolate unique?

A. The cocoa percentage, ingredients, and the traditional process of making are the reasons behind Belgian chocolate’s success. If you want to know whether Belgian chocolate is worth the hype, then read the article.

2. Can you visit chocolate factories in Belgium?

A. Yes, you can visit chocolate factories in Belgium. I have been to Brussels’s Duval Chocolaterie, which lasts for 60 minutes, telling you about chocolate making and its process. I have also been to Bruges’s Choco Story, which clearly showcases how cocoa beans are transformed into chocolates. It was really fun!

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