12 Best Places to Propose in Florida and Hear “Yes”!

I opened my sleepy eyes upon hearing the phone ring at 4:30 am. It was my best friend Annie calling. I picked up to hear her worried voice asking, “Where can I propose to Marcel in Florida so that he says ‘YES’?” God!

Our conversation continued for half an hour, and I realized that it was not just her; many of my online friends might have the same question about finding a romantic proposal location in Florida. Two of my Instagram friends too asked me the same question today.

Best Places to Propose in Florida

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So, here’s my list of the best outdoor proposal settings in Florida, where I, too, surrendered my love to my man, just as my father did to my mom! If you want to discover these two hidden scenic proposal places in Florida, keep reading the blog further. Florida is home to the budget-friendly seatowns that you have always desired!

I’m sure these places will fascinate you a lot! Again, I believe my Sunshine State is going to bring the sun to your life! You know what I mean. Let’s now explore the places.

What to Expect: Florida’s Proposal Settings

Florida is a subtropical paradise where you see people jumping into the water wearing shorts and bikinis, leaning on oak and palm trees, and enjoying coconuts while watching others have fun in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean.

You commonly observe couples sitting together on the beach, watching the sky transition from yellow to red, and eventually turning dark. And, oh yes, going to Walt Disney World and telling her she is the fairy of your life is another experience!

Sometimes, the couple spends time on the white, sugary, and sometimes pink coquina sand, getting a tan under the sky, or having coffee and croissants for breakfast while enjoying the salty air!

So, that’s my Florida, and let’s know where you can say I love you to your love!

Universal Grad Bash, Gatorland
Couple having fun at Universal Grad Bash, Gatorland

Best Places to Propose in Florida

I believe a proposal should elicit a huge adrenaline rush, turning faces red and ears warm, immortalizing the place and moment for you and your partner. Truly, I’m not a big fan of proposing in hotels; instead, I find the natural beauty of Florida captivating.

But here I come with all – beachside proposal ideas, intimate engagement ideas, vineyards to explore, rooftop hotels to go, and gardens to visit. So, the list is a collection of many different places. You can choose which sounds good for you!

Beachfront Proposals

1. Shell Key, Pinellas County

To enhance the romance, what can be better than coming to a secluded island of Florida like Shell Key at the end of Tampa Bay? You don’t need your car but either book a delightful shuttle or a tranquil kayak adventure from Pinellas Bayway Kayak and SUP Launch reach!

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Once you set foot on the southern end of Shell Key, nature’s wonders unfold before you. You can spot reddish egrets, blue herons, skimmers, osprey, cormorants, gulls, and even dolphins and manatees splashing waters and saying “hi”! 

The best part is to camp here at night and propose to her while shelling, however, you cannot bring your dog but getting a chance to propose at 195 acres off Florida’s Gulf Coast is not like another. This is one of the unique proposal; places you can think of!


  • Shellkey.org can give you the permits for primitive camping
  • From May to September, sea turtles hatch, so you know how to make your proposal memorable
  • Facilities and development are very limited with no washroom or drinking water source
Shell Key, Best Places to Propose in Florida
The offbeat spot in Florida, Shell Key

2. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, Southeast Florida

Twenty-nine years ago, my parents went on a nature hike at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge and decided to tie the knot. Now, a cherished photo of their proposal hands proudly hangs in our living room, a testament to this being one of the most picturesque secluded waterfront proposal sites lovers can dream of!

This unspoiled gem in Florida is nestled between Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, enveloped in thick vegetation. A mere $5 per vehicle grants you entry to this natural haven. The sandy shores boast an abundance of shells, showcasing the inherent beauty gifted by nature.

Back when I was born, my parents brought me to this special place, and it’s where I experienced my life’s first surfing adventure. Unfortunately, we were never fortunate enough to bring our beloved Coffee, our one-year-old dog, along. 

Fact: Nevertheless, the area offers opportunities to swim, leisurely pass the time, soak up the sun, stroll along the shores, and relish some private moments.


  • June July proposals while taking the night turtle walks or February March proposal while nature hike!
  • No alcohol is welcomed

3. Manasota Key Beach, Sarasota County

Anyone looking for a small, candid sunset engagement site on Florida’s Gulf Coast, enveloped around Lemon Bay with unlimited water views? Welcome to this tropical haven, Manasota Key, where you can take an early morning dip and prepare for your engagement!

I can assure you that guests will love capturing moments while hunting for shells, and shark teeth, and witnessing the sunset, especially during you’re your lover puts the ring on your ring finger. You can feel the positivity and happiness in the air. 

After tying the knot, consider a three to four-hour Tiki boat tour, complete with refreshments and drinks. You can serve your guests and create an unforgettable boating experience. I recommend checking out Paradise Tiki Tours or the Sunset and Dolphin Cruise for this delightful adventure.

Tip: Dress up like beach hotties while shopping for treasures along Olde Englewood’s Dearborn Street

Engagement proposal at Manasota Key Beach
Engagement proposal at Manasota Key Beach, Picture – Certified Cupid Proposals & Events 

4. Lido Key, Sarasota County

Do you know what the most iconic Florida landmark for proposals is? Imagine kneeling as the kayak boat gracefully crosses the famous mangrove tunnel, Ted Sperling Park, surrounded by exceptionally sloping mangrove trees, with unknown birds chirping, and dolphins bearing witness!

Turning a slow, relaxed trip into a romantic one, only Lido Key has the magical power to do that! I believe that if you’re a true lover, the gorgeous white sugary sand and endless blue water, mangrove tunnels, and real estate stays can never hold you back from proposing to your partner. And, yes, this is the place where I proposed Kelvin.

Marriage proposal at Lido Key
Marriage proposal at Lido Key, Picture – Lido Beach Resort Weddings

Outdoor and Scenic Proposal Spots

5. Bonita’s Butterfly Garden, Bonita Springs 

I saw Annei posting a photo – a ring on her finger and a vibrant Gulf Fritillary butterfly on the next. Can you picture it? The Butterfly Garden in Bonita Springs is where butterflies dance, spreading their wings, amid colorful flowers taking out the sector, and creating enchanting moments for you to witness.

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The greenery here, paired with the sight of various enchanting butterflies like pipevine butterflies, zebra longwing, gold rim butterflies, and more, along with migrating birds such as Catbirds, Flycatchers, Hummingbirds, and Woodpeckers, make getting a proposal here something every girl dreams of!

Tip: Hence for a picturesque garden proposal venue and romantic photography, come to the second parking area of the Butterfly Garden.

Bonita’s Butterfly Garden
The beauty of Bonita’s Butterfly Garden

6. Bowditch Point Park, Fort Myers Beach

Some people say, “Ever wondered what different shades of green, blue, orange, and yellow can be? Come to Bowditch Point Park; you’ll see them all.” Bowditch Point Park is famous for its green areas, beach, and sunshades throughout the day! Any ideas for taking great portraits? This is the place you should come!

Trust me, this is one of the most scenic proposal venues in Fort Myers, where the palm trees and sun shades play such a beautiful role, leading you to the beach, and making it incredibly romantic! During the rainy season, this place feels even more romantic as the field is covered with yellow flowers.

Tip: You need to pay $2 per hour for parking, but it’s one of the great sunset proposal locations in Florida

Couple spending time at Bowditch Point Park
Couple spending time at Bowditch Point Park

7. Plaza de la Constitucion, St. Augustine

Winter proposal? I’ve got one of the best places in Florida for you – Plaza de la Constitucion. All lit up on the 18th of November in the evening with millions of small white fairy lights, it transforms the place into something akin to a diamond shop. 

Near the Bridge of Lions, you’ll discover this public space overlooking Matanzas Bay. Here, you’ll find numerous food shops, historical monuments, and historic landmarks. With live music playing in the background and charming locales, your proposal is bound to be even more memorable.

Tip: This place is only this beautiful on this particular day, so it is your luck!

Couple at Plaza de la Constitucion, Best Places to Propose in Florida
Couple at Plaza de la Constitucion, Picture –Facebook

Rooftop Proposal Venue

8. Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, Miami

For an exclusive proposal venue just miles away from Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the Mayfair House Hotel & Garden is a great choice for couples. I’ve also witnessed people celebrating their babymoon here with family, relishing the captivating view of Miami’s skyline!

The vintage architecture, along with the decoration featuring peacock blue and terracotta-colored rooms, corridors lined with plants, and a rooftop pool, makes it truly an unforgettable place to spend some romantic time with your loved one.

Tip: In the evening go for a walk at the Cocowalk which is home to small cafes, sweet restaurants, boutiques, and smiling faces

Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, Miami
Couple at Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, Picture-tovaphotography

9. The Castle Hotel, Orlando

An exclusive private proposal venue, The Castle Hotel allows you to decorate as you please with flowers, balloons, and any decorations you desire, all topped by the stunning backdrop of the sunset. Additionally, the place is conveniently located near the Ferris wheel.

You can bring her here by saying it’s just dinner time and give her the sheer surprise of her life by going down on your feet and asking her to marry you! It would feel so natural and candid! The rooftop looks like a fairy tale setup.

Marriage proposal at The Castle Hotel
Marriage proposal at The Castle Hotel, Picture – capturedbyelle

Unique Historic Proposal Landmarks

10. 3rd St. South, (Downtown Naples)

Surrendering your love to your partner at 3rd St. South is like etching your love story into the pages of history, as it’s one of the National Register of Historic Places, making it one of the most memorable proposal destinations. 

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The location, just two blocks from the 19th-century Naples Pier, includes city life with tree-lined streets, an old Naples village vibe, fine restaurants, courtyards, fountains, shops, and people strolling by. 

Hence, it’s the best place for shopping, and imagine buying her the ring she loves and proposing to her at the beach. Don’t forget to cap off the experience with a fancy dinner at Jane’s Café!

Tip: Some great shopping destinations are Eileen Fisher, Maus & Hoffman, Charlotte Kellog, A Mano (my favorite)

People enjoying at 3rd St. South, (Downtown Naples)
People enjoying at 3rd St. South, (Downtown Naples)

11. Florida Yacht Charters & Sales, Inc

Hey boyfriend, if you’re the one looking for secluded and off-the-beaten-path proposal ideas in South Florida, consider proposing to her while sailing. The Florida Yacht Charter takes you around the islands of the Florida Keys. 

It’s a luxury sailing Yacht Company that offers sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and more! Proposing on the blue waters of the Atlantic and spending time in the Gulf of Mexico is something every lover looks forward to! 

The experience is very relaxing, and the professional crew will make it highly pleasing. Plus, there’s a full-time chef on board to take care of your appetite and make it a great time to remember!


  • The best time to book is late July to early October
  • Booking and experiencing this cost around $24, 500 USD – USD 1,000,000

Charming Outdoor Proposal Setting in Florida

12. Tuscan Rose Vineyards, Callahan

Surrendering your love in one of the most elegant vineyard settings in North Florida, Tuscan Rose Vineyards, surrounded by 100-year-old oak trees, and Italian cypress trees, and flowers is a stylish way to propose and make it the most memorable.

Tip: If you’re coming here, do not forget to taste mouth-watering Muscadine juice and bring some jelly from there to your home.

Tuscan Rose Vineyards
Bride at Tuscan Rose Vineyards


On reaching the end of this blog featuring the best places to propose in Florida! I hope you’ve discovered the perfect spot to create a magical moment and surrender your heart to your fairy princess. Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

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FAQ: Best Places to Propose in Florida

1. Can you suggest some budget-friendly proposal locations in Florida?

A. Florida is home to many pretty beaches, and among them, I recommend coming to Haulover Beach with your dog and proposing to your lover. It is very family-friendly, has a picnic spot, and is also a famous official public nude beach. What can be more enthralling than this?

2. What are some creative and unique proposal ideas for adventurous couples in Florida?

A. Have you tried bungee jumping in Destin, Florida? For every adventurous couple, ignite love and your hormones at Track Family Recreation Centre, where you can challenge yourself to jump from a 75-foot tower-based spot. Or, maybe propose while enjoying a gondola ride at Venetian Bay, St. Petersburg, with a great water view and the sun in the background.

3. What natural wonders in Florida offer breathtaking backdrops for proposals? 

A. Naples is itself one of the most gorgeous and affordable romantic getaways in Florida, and for a memorable proposal setting, what can be greater than Naples Piers? The beauty of the Gulf of Mexico during sunset and getting on your knees and proposing is so romantic, can you think of anything better?

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