8 Best Chocolates in Switzerland: Indulge in Sweet Bliss

I adore chocolates, and so do my sister, and my parents, and I’m sure you love them too!

Indulging in a sweet treat in Switzerland offers a delightful gastronomical experience that every traveler, tourist, or food lover can enjoy! I am telling you, your trip to Switzerland is incomplete without being in chocolate factories.

Best Chocolates in Switzerland

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After all, Switzerland is renowned for its rich, smooth, and delicious chocolate stories. It’s also a local favorite, readily available in boutiques, stores, and grocery store shelves. While cocoa might not be a Swiss thing, the engineering to transform it into a sweet treat is their magic.

So, here comes the blog on the history, quality, and best brands of chocolates in Switzerland. You should surrender to the irresistible allure of Switzerland’s best chocolates, where every moment is a symphony of taste and emotion is unexplainable.

A Small History of Chocolate in Switzerland That Made It World-Famous

The story dates back 3,000 years ago when the people of Central and Southern America would gather around a fire for meetings, enjoying a bitter drink made of chocolate called “xocolatl.” It marked the birth of chocolate.

Europeans began to taste chocolate dominantly in the 19th century, when Francois-Louis Cailler opened a chocolate factory, bringing the name and fame of Swiss chocolate to the world.

Slowly, other Swiss families started opening shops and factories, introducing more innovative ideas, modern equipment, ingredients, and engineering to create a new chocolate taste that no other country could match.

Hence, entrepreneurs born in chocolate fields and names like Theodor Tobler, Phillippe Suchard, Henri Nestle, Charles-Amadee Kohler, and many more came up!

And, in this 21st century, it’s a business of US $1.9 billion. Stating that by 2021 expory reached over 118, 000 tones valuing over $782,623,588.41.

Yes, the numbers are shocking!

best chocolates in switzerland
Chocolates in Switzerland

Types of Swiss Chocolate

Whether it’s dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, the traditional method of slow conching, condensed milk, and high-quality ingredients sets the standard of Swiss chocolate high. 

Dark chocolate boasts a smoothness, creamy texture, and high percentage of cocoa solids without milk, giving it its distinct richness. 

Milk chocolate, on the other hand, balances cocoa solids and milk solids equally, resulting in a creamier texture. And then there’s white chocolate, which skips the cocoa solids altogether, made solely with milk solids. It all boils down to personal preference; it’s always dark chocolate for me! What’s your favorite?

Coco Beans for making chocolates
Coco Beans for making chocolates

Famous Swiss Chocolate Brands

1. Sprungli – Chocolatier

The ‘Truffles of the Day’ or ‘Truffles Rose & Noir,’ my taste buds’ all-time favorite pralines, and Luxemburgerli macaroons from Sprungli are just a taste of heaven!

I’m telling you; the feeling of taking the first bite of the Truffles Rose & Noir, where the flavors of chocolate and champagne melt slowly, is just wow!

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Perhaps you’re spending your winter in Switzerland, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on Confiserie Sprungli’s offerings. Their hot chocolate with extra cream is something I won’t forget! 

You can sense the natural cocoa flavors touching every corner of your mouth, and the aroma of natural ingredients and hay milk, with no preservatives, is simply amazing! 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the best-famous Swiss chocolates from their shop that even non-chocolate lovers want to taste – Truffes aux Amandes and Grand Cru truffle

I am telling you each of their items boasts a creamy ganache and a distinct flavor, providing a luxurious chocolate experience that will make you crave more and consider carrying some back home! 

Confiserie Sprungli is one of the oldest shops in Zurich, situated on the corners of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz. 

It was founded by David Sprungli-Schwarz in 1836 and later continued by his son Rudolf Sprungli-Ammann.


2. Lindt

The synonym for “Lindt” is “melt in your mouth.” So, whether it’s happy times or sad times, whenever you crave chocolates, Lindt is the place for you. 

Swiss dark chocolate is Lindt’s specialty. So, come here and grab a box from Lindt Excellence Tablets, Lindor Truffles, The Lindth Chilli & the Cherry Intense, Lindt Gold Bunny, or The Orange Intense, and watch how your mood goes from low to high! 

Since 1845, it has been the beloved chocolate brand in the market for its craftsmanship, infusing the rich cocoa flavor, creamy fillings, high-quality milk, hazelnut, smooth texture, scent of vanilla, and sea salt – surpassing any other brand. 

In Zurich, Lindt even has its own museum. I highly recommend bringing your child here. Additionally, couples with an interest in chocolate might want to visit Kilchberg for Lindt’s chocolate tasting and workshops.

Best Chocolates in Switzerland, Lindt

A short story time about two famous Swiss chocolate brands – Lindt and Sprungli

In 1899, Rodolphe Lindt, the owner of Lindt chocolatier, and then owner of Confiserie Sprungli, decided to merge their two companies and named them “Lindt & Sprungli.” 

So, I decided to pay a visit to the Lindt & Sprungli industry to savor the finest chocolate in Switzerland and let me tell you, it turned out to be the best chocolatier experience I’ve ever had. 

I placed my order, and when I touched the chocolate, it felt incredibly smooth. As I took a bite, there was this satisfying cracking sound, and it melted in my mouth without leaving any crumbs! 

The aroma of the chocolate was outstanding. Can you imagine how great it was? I can’t forget the taste – it was truly unforgettable!

3. Max Chocolatier

A young Swiss chocolate shop in Lucerne near the Chapel Bridge offers a unique experience where you get a new taste of the same chocolate in every season. Does that sound unreal to you?

They source ingredients available in a particular season, resulting in a new flavor every time. I was here in the summer, so I got lucky to taste Summer Jelly’s. 

If you are here in winter, you can indulge in chocolates with caramels, nuts, and local honey. Hence, every truffle or chocolate bar you bite promises a premium Swiss taste! 

Their vegan chocolate is also a must-try out! Or, maybe chestnut truffles are also another good one! 

The chocolate-making magicians offer a 45-minute creative session of chocolate-making where you can see how they use 100% natural herbs to make it and at the end offer a tasting session! 

Recently, they have opened another small store near Zurich near St. Peter’s Church and a store in Jemoli.

Max Chocolatier
Max Chocolatier

4. Toblerone & Nestle

Toblerone, a top Swiss milk chocolate brand, doesn’t taste like honey or almonds, but it has delightful flecks of nougat. Bet you didn’t know there’s a right way to eat it! 

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Check out this viral video from 2014.  

The chocolate is shaped like a triangle, and while some believe it represents the mountains of Switzerland, it symbolizes a cabaret music hall in Paris. 

The first Toblerones were crafted in Bern in 1908 by Theodor Tobler, and now, this iconic treat has great delights waiting for you in Slovakia!  

Mondelez, the current owner of Toblerone, also owns Cadbury Cream Eggs and Oreo. Nestle, once a different company offering baby formula in 1905, later merged with Milkmaid, giving it the name we know today!

Now, in Swiss children’s pocket, you’ll find Toblerone’s Kit Kat, or a crunch, because it’s that famous!


  • See the packaging closely and you can see there is a bear within the mountain
  • If the production of chocolate is outside Switzerland land, then according to the Swissness Act, Matterhorn Mountain cannot be used
Toblerone & Nestle
Toblerone & Nestle

5. Du Rhone Chocolatier SA

Discover cocoa-rich Swiss chocolates sourced from the islands of Principe and Sao Tome, crafted without using palm oils and other preservatives. 

Wondering how I found out? Well, during my visit to Geneva, I booked a workshop with them. It was a walking tour where I witnessed chocolate makers in action, creating delectable treats. 

And, of course, I got to taste them at the end! Du Rhone in Geneva might not be as famous as other brands, but it’s a fantastic place to visit in the morning and savor their premium chocolates with a cup of morning tea. 

Pro tip: Bring back a small box of gamut for your home – it will surely bring joy!

Du Rhone Chocolatier
Du Rhone Chocolatier

6. Cailler Chocolate

Although Cailler Chocolate does not have branches all over the world, the hard work of Francois-Louis Cailler, who started with a small shop in 1819 and turned it into a factory, which you can call a Swiss supermarket, is something that needs to be mentioned! 

This oldest Swiss chocolate brand holds a unique method of making chocolate with sustainable cocoa involving heating, grinding, and blending of light-condensed milk, making it distinct from chocolates typically made from milk powder. Frigor milk chocolate bar needs a special mention!

The best part about Cailler is the factory visit! They offer a guided tour where you can learn about the history of Swiss chocolate, ending with a sweet treat! You even get the chance to see how they pack the chocolates


  • Hence, during your visit to Broc, you should come here to learn about the sustainable chocolate-making ecosystem. Additionally, their diverse range of packaging products makes the tour even more amazing. Moreover, Cailler is one of the more affordable Swiss chocolate brands.
Cailler Chocolate
Cailler Chocolate

7. Laderach

You’re going to find Laderach everywhere. These Swiss chocolate makers are present in train stations, inside and outside the market, and in every possible place that attracts customers. But, that’s not something you should be happy about because it is one of the top-notch quality Swiss chocolates to try on!

FrishSchoggi is my all-time favorite. As I had the first bite I could feel the freshness of nuts, berries, peppercorns, and honeycomb. I also tried aficionado and bonbons too. If you’re a white chocolate lover, then go for chocolate flakes made infused with blackberries and raspberries. Oh my god! The smoothness was fabulous!

Since 1962 they’ve stuck to their “Bean to Bar” philosophy which is they put extra care and attention into making and designing helping to keep a perfect balance of flavour and experience!

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  • It better I warn you that you’ll be amazed by varied types of sapphires and diamond shape chocolate tablers in front of you 
  • Laderach can be categorized as a luxury Swiss chocolate brand as the price can go up to 50 CHF
Laderach swiss chocolate brand

8. Durig Chocolatier 

If you’re on a diet and craving a healthy or vegan chocolate option, or if your taste buds prefer less sweetness, or you simply love the taste of organic Swiss chocolate, Durig Chocolate in Lausanne is the one for you! 

Their organic production, hand-made approach, and commitment to sustainability have earned them fame worldwide. They even offer chocolate decoration workshops which you can surely participate in. 

These organic Swiss chocolates use imported American cocoa from South America and other ingredients sourced from local and organic Alpine farms of Pays d’Enhaut. 

Durig Chocolate is a family-owned business that offers everything from milk to dark chocolate in varied shapes and sizes, from wild animals to diamonds.

Well for me, it was Durig’s milk chocolates and its way of packing that gets thumbs up!

Durig Chocolatier from Switzerland
Durig Chocolatier

My Personal Opinion: Best Chocolates in Switzerland

If I had to give my true opinion, I would pack every brand of Swiss chocolates for a lifetime because each brand has its uniqueness which is beyond explanation!

But, still, I will go with two exclusive Swiss chocolate brands that when I dream I feel something running inside my belly and my tongue moves slowly!

  • Ballotin of organic chocolates from Durig
  • ‘Truffles Rose & Noir,’ from Sprungli

Now, you have got the entire premium Swiss chocolate brands and my favorite one with locations. So, I’m inviting all chocolate lovers worldwide to savor an unforgettable experience and have a tantalizing journey of exquisite flavors!

All you need to do is buy the tickets and fly to Switzerland! You can also explore some other parts of Europe which is equally enriching.

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FAQ: Best Chocolates in Switzerland

1. Are there any recommended Swiss chocolate tours or tastings?

A. Swiss chocolate factory walking tours offer a glimpse into what it takes to create that small piece of chocolate that melts smoothly in your mouth. My top recommendation is Lindt’s tour, which includes a museum filled with educational pictures and audio, concluding with a delightful chocolate tasting. However, if you’re accompanied by a child, I highly recommend visiting Maestrani Chocolarium near Appenzell. Here, children have the chance to push buttons and pull knobs themselves to see how the chocolates are collected in a box. There’s so much more to explore!

2. Can you recommend some artisanal Swiss chocolate makers?

A. The name that comes to my mind when I think of the best artisanal Swiss chocolates is Boulangerie Saudan from Fribourg. His years of experience in the food business, the baking industry, and finally opening his bakery shop where he sells 5 kg of chocolate each week is truly remarkable!

3. Are there any popular Swiss chocolate festivals or events?

A. Switzerland’s free Spring Chocolate Festival, which takes place in March outside Lake Geneva, is something every family and tourist wants to attend. This is famously known as the Versoix Festival, where you can try and also check out how they make it! Frankly, the chocolate festival is part of Switzerland’s culture so you not only get a chance to taste its unique traditional but the amazing taste!

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