11 Offbeat & Best Places to Propose in California

And, he said, “…I’ll love you until stars go blind and the sun stops shining…”

California, with its long golden beaches, rocky retreats, five-star resorts, crystal blue lakes, and natural retreats, has always been at the top of conversations among Romeos worldwide.

best places to propose in california

The options are endless, so here I come with some offbeat and unknown proposal places in California where you can ask her out for the first date or marry her and grow older together because CA is beautiful and budget-friendly.

But, I have one tip before I recommend the places to propose, that is, no matter where you’re taking her out or how you’re proposing to her, the most important step is to be natural and let her know what your heart speaks! 

The feeling and effort matter rather than how grand it is! So, now let’s know the best engagement and proposal spots in California.

Proposing in San Diego
Proposing to love, Picture – Proposal of San Diego

Best Places to Propose in California

Sunshine State is always radiating its beauty, but if someone chooses any romantic spot decorated with twinkle lights, hanging photos of each other, glowing stars, and lanterns—tell me, who would not like this type of proposal?

So, let’s play the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran and propose to your love! Because love is not always about happy times but is filled with both love and sorrow! What do you say?

Romantic Natural Setting to Propose in California

1. Propose her in front of the blue boiling water at Hot Creek Geological Site, Mono County

The hiking trails in Northern California never struggle to captivate adventurous couples. So, here’s I bring a unique spot like Hot Creek Geological Site around Mammoth Lake. 

The landscape is blue and orange with smoke (you won’t choke) around as the molten magma within the earth comes through the cracks and vents. Just imagine….

You witnessing a geyser eruption, while your boyfriend sitting on his knees, pulling that white diamond ring out of his pocket, and proposing amidst the gorgeous beauty!

For couples wanting a more intimate experience, I recommend coming to Hilltop Hot Spring, a clothing-optional pool. Oh yes, this is Pulkey’s Pool, what locals call it.

Hot rock bathing spots around the base of the mountain are such memorable proposal destinations, that it feels like you’re taking a Jacuzzi bath in warm water.


  • Hot Creek was once an active geyser but now it’s dormant
  • Swimming is not appreciated
  • The entry fee is completely free but you need to hike half a mile
  • Walk till you see the path to witness the mesmerizing blue color river flowing with the mountains in the background
  • It’s undoubtedly one of the best sunset spots in California 
hot creek geological site, best places to propose in california
Hot Creek Geological Site

2. Let her believe she is in Denmark, welcome to the Danish fairy tale town, Solvang Village, Santa Barbara

Solvang Village is, a hidden gem in South California that transports you to the heart of “Europe,” where Spanish colonial-style buildings are adorned in vibrant hues of orange, blue, and yellow all around.  

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Savoring Danish pastries, famous spices, and homemade mulled wines, and capturing timeless moments at whimsical spots, are something the village is known for!

Proposing her, both of you dressed in enchanting Danish-style costumes, creating a memory to cherish for a lifetime. What do you say? Moreover, South California beaches have a more peaceful vibe which lovers will surely enjoy!

I recommend booking a horse-drawn carriage to explore the quaint village in true 1990s style.  In essence, this village offers the perfect outdoor proposal settings with ample opportunities for strolls. Let the magic unfold in this picturesque haven!


  • In September, the village celebrates the Danish Days festival with food and live music—an event you must participate in! 
  • Spend a day at Rusack Vineyard, where the stunning greenery not only pleases your eyes but also nourishes your mind. Additionally, you can explore Rosa Winery and Vineyard.
  • Take the trail of Nojoqui Falls, where each step is a dance with nature, surrounded by towering tree
Solvang Village
Solvang Village

Romantic Coastal Gems to Take Your Girlfriend and Ask for Marriage in California.

3. See your reflection in the glass shore of California, Fort Bragg

Along the Mendocino Coast in Northern California, Glass Beach tells a tale of transformation. Locals also call this beach the Treasure Cove of CA!

Once a dumping ground for glass containers in 1906, now it’s something else! The relentless force of the ocean shattered the glass, and the sand smoothed away the sharp edges, and now it’s a gorgeous beach. 

Dotted with glass pebbles in various shapes and colors, this beach is a testament to the awe-inspiring work of nature. It stands as an incredible beachside proposal destination that I wholeheartedly recommend.

When the sun’s rays grace the surface, the pebbles shimmer like a collection of colorful stones. Just imagine the beauty orchestrated by nature!

You can propose her amidst the mosaic of blue, red, pink, violet, and lavender-colored pebbles, with the added allure of rare fire glasses. It’s a moment surrounded by the wonders of nature, making your proposal truly magical.


  • Do not think to bring back the pebbles for your home. You might visit jail for this.
  • If tide pooling was time on your list, this place is a great spot in California to come during low tide
Glass shore of California
Glass shore of California

4. Hollywood-style proposal while exploring Santa Catalina Island by Golf Cart

Couples thinking and dreaming of adventures, I think the proposal should also be in such a manner. Santa Catalina Island, or else I should call it the Island of Romance is a remarkable escape for couples!

First, it’s secluded. Although it’s close to Los Angeles, you need to take a ferry from Long Beach, Newport, or San Pedro to reach and chill with your partner. 

See, though there are plenty of activities on the island, I recommend coming to the Airport in the Sky, which sits 1,602 feet atop a mountain. 

The specialty of the place is that every pilot dreams of landing their aircraft smoothly, as landing is one of the challenging tasks. 

You can enjoy such a ride but need to pre-book from Los Angeles itself. Doesn’t this sound adventurous? 

Once you’ve taken her to this unique proposal place in CA and proposed to her in the air, take her to DC3 Gifts and Grills for some amazingly sweet and unforgettable cookie tasting.

proposal destination in California
Happy faces

5. Bring your cozy blanket, small picnic basket, and the ring at Pfeiffer Beach

For centuries, Pfeiffer Beach has earned its name for having the “keyhole arch,” which, once a year, gets the sun rays coming through it, creating an amazing sight to behold. 

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But, did you know that apart from that day, this place is one of those ideal spots to propose in California? The rocks, waves, and the sun, have such a power to make your portraits look fantastic!

I truly believe that nature has the power to heal your sorrows! It’s a quaint coastal proposal destination in Big Sur where you can bring your fiancée and your dog, all at the same time, chilling by the beach with fantastic views.


  • If you’re planning to come here after rainy weather, I guarantee you can spot purple sand. Pfeiffer Beach is an amazing beachside proposal spot in California you can find!
  • You need to spend $10 – $12 per person to get to the beach
propose in Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach

Unique And Exclusive Natural Location to Propose in California

6. Morning visit in Muir Woods, San Francisco, as John Muir called it”…the best tree lovers monument that could be found in all the forest of the world” 

While everyone is enjoying the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, simply drive 12 miles north to reach Muir Woods, home to coastal giant redwoods which stands on 558 acres of land. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most iconic landmarks for proposals in California, providing a golden opportunity to express your love amidst the thousand-year-old redwood barks. 

Do you know the profound history of these trees; they were here when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Just imagine their age! So, enjoy the cool, refreshing air as you propose to her—oh my god, that’s amazing.

The best part of this place is that it is never too hot but rather cool and damp. From June to August, you’ll spot crowds so it’s good to visit in the morning have lunch at Sausalito, and get back home at night!

Tip: You need to pay $8 as a fee to park your car. The entrance fee is separate and is $8

Muir Woods
Muir Woods

7. In the silence of the Joshua Tree desert while stars graze tell her …” Marry me, Juliet!”

No doubt, Joshua Tree feels like an alien planet, and, Angelenos love coming here to detox themselves from their busy lives. 

So, this time, bring her here to camp among the bouldering rocks and stark desert scenario! I believe this can be an exclusive proposal venue for a weekend plan!

If a romantic couple dreams to go for rock climbing, this place is a great spot. At night choose White Tank Campground for camping which has tents and RVs.

The campground has vault toilets and enough drinking water which will surely be an amazing thing to go for! Why this spot is one of the most romantic places in California because from freezing to hot temperatures to the sunny sky to the stars sky you witness everything!


  • You need to spend $70- $90 per day for camping.
  • If you’re ready to spend $115- $130 per night, I recommend renting a homesteader cabin which once got featured in the New York Times in 2017 for its amazing architect
Joshua Tree Desert
Joshua Tree Desert

8. Getting up amid the serenity of Redwood trees and enjoying a stay at a Tree House in Santa Cruz

Just imagine waking up in the morning in an actual tree and being served hot coffee while standing on a redwood deck. 

It has a 20th-century bathroom with a functional sink and shower, and, yes, that queen-size bed! A spiral staircase leads up to this cozy treehouse where everything from floor to ceiling is designed with pine and oak touches. 

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This Redwood Tree House is available for rental, catering to solo travelers and couples seeking intimate moments under the canopy of redwoods. 

So, lovers, seize the opportunity to plan an intimate proposal in Santa Cruz and surprise her with a view of the redwoods and a running creek on the side.


  • Do not plan to cook food for her with your hand, because cooking or any kind of open flame is banned as it has a lot of wooden features.
  • The place is very cozy hence you need to accept its small area
  • You need to spend around $206 – $250 per night to taste these romantic experiences in California
Tree House in Santa Cruz
Tree House in Santa Cruz

Romantic Road Trip in California to Go With Your Partner

9. A 5 hours 30 Minutes thrilling drive from San Jose to Malibu

Start a thrilling journey with some shivers and laughs at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I hope you know about this place; it’s considered a haunted house. 

I highly recommend taking a guided tour to experience the place better. After that, hit the road to reach Pacheco State Park for a memorable horseback riding experience. 

Here, you can enjoy unforgettable vistas of Central Valley, Santa Clara Valley, colorful blooming flowers, views of coyotes, golden eagles, and much more. 

Have your lunch at El Buen, the Mexican restaurant, and then hit the road again to reach “The Bu” to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset by the beach. It’s indeed one of the quaint beach proposal spots that a lover can choose from!

You guys can soak in the sun, surf hit the hiking trails, or just explore the museums or pubs. I highly recommend spending time at Point Dume State Beach, home to hundreds of birds and peaceful air.

California Highway 1 Road Trip.
California Highway 1 Road Trip

Romantic Sunset Proposal Locations on the California Coast

10. Wine tasting in Sonoma, a scenic drive on the Bohemian Highway to Coleman Valley Road awaits!

Tasting California’s cool climate red wines isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so bring her to the famous Russian River Valley Point for amazing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zinfandel tasting. 

I should let you know that Sonoma is itself one of the most romantic getaways in California and here time simply drifts away in the air. 

Once you’ve enjoyed the day and night here, the next day, embark on a road adventure to North California’s funky ride, the Bohemian Highway—a mere 10-mile stretch.

Enjoy the joyride to reach Coleman Valley, witnessing cattle fences, lumbering cattle, Eucalyptus trees, and finally, the ocean view where you propose to her! 

Coleman Road’s west side is such a great spot to propose when the sun is setting. This is like a whole weekend proposal plan you can develop before the week ends!

wine tasting
Wine tasting

11. Kayaking Experience in Morro Bay: Ask Her to Spend a Lifetime Together as the Sun Sets

California’s Central Coast is home to some beautiful and affordable coastal towns, undoubtedly perfect for spending time and planning rooftop proposals. 

But you know how much I love adventure. So, what could be better than proposing while kayaking? 

As you kayak, you reach a point where you spot estuaries, marshes, lagoons, and birds like herons and pelicans chirping. 

You may even encounter sea otters and some unknown green-yellow plants—oh my god! That place is out of this world! Morro Bay offers an unforgettable sunset experience you can share with your partner.

Kayaking experience in Morro Bay
Kayaking experience in Morro Bay

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